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At USA 3000 Airlines we know your pet is an important member of your family. We will accept cats and dogs on Domestic flights only. Pets will not be accepted on International flights. An advanced reservation is required for all pet travel. Pets are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Pets may travel in the cabin or cargo hold according to size or weight. Please see following information for guidance on pets in the cabin or cargo hold.

Reservations / Fees

Pets in Cabin

A charge of $75 per pet per segment will be applied. Pets traveling require a reservation to ensure no more than 5 pets are booked to travel in the cabin on any single flight. To make a reservation for your pet, please contact the USA 3000 Airlines Reservations Department at: 1-877-872-3000.

Pets in Hold

A charge of $125 per pet per segment will be applied. Pets traveling require a reservation to ensure no more than 3 pets are booked to travel in the hold on any single flight. To make a travel arrangements for your pet in hold please contact 1-877-872-3000
Pet Fees are non refundable. In the event of a cancellation, an electronic voucher will be issued as a credit for future flight use by the traveler or pet valid for one year from date of issuance.

Pets in Cabin Policy

Please review carefully the following information to ensure that you are compliant. Non-compliance may result in denied boarding. The carriage of a pet onboard will replace one piece of the carry on luggage or purse.
Pet Rules for travel on our aircraft.

  • Pet MUST remain in their Pet Carrier at all times – without exceptions.
  • Pet carrier must be leak proof.
  • Pet carrier type must be an approved pet carrier hard or soft sided.
  • The pet carrier MUST fit under the seat in front of passenger.
  • Pet carrier maximum dimensions are 10.5 inches high x 18 inches long x 11 inches wide.
  • Pets may not be in an emergency exit row or a bulkhead.
  • The weight of the pet plus carrier cannot exceed 15 pounds or roughly 7 kilos.
  • Pet must be able to turn around in carrier.
  • No more than one pet per carrier (2 small kittens may be accepted)
  • All pets must have a veterinarian's certification indicating the animal is in good health for air travel and has had all the required vaccinations. This certification must not be more than ninety (90) days old at time of travel.

Pets in Cargo Hold Policy

Kennel Requirements - For pets carried as checked baggage, a suitable container must be provided. Pets must be shipped in a FAA/Airline approved kennel of a size that allows the pet to stand up, lie down and turn around. It must be constructed of a durable plastic, securely fixed shut and depending on the length of the flight, allow the pet to feed and drink water. Only one pet per kennel.

All kennels must display the words “Live Animal” and arrows pointing upward on either side of the kennel. Kennels without these markings will not be accepted for carriage.

The maximum size kennel acceptable for carriage on a USA 3000 Airlines flight is a #500 series. Maximum dimensions are 40x27x30 inches.

Pet Health Requirements - All pets must have a veterinarian’s certification indicating the animal is in good health for air travel and has had all the required vaccinations. This certificate must not be more then ninety (90) days old. Any pet medications are to be administered prior to check-in by the owner/person responsible for the pet. USA 3000 will not medicate any animals.

Service Animals

USA 3000 Airlines welcomes service animals used by persons with disabilities. An animal trained to assist customers with mobility, visual and hearing disabilities are welcome in the aircraft cabin. There is no fee for Service Animals used by customers with disabilities. Documentation is required for passengers traveling with Emotional Support Service Animals.


USA 3000 Airlines reserves the right to place an embargo on the carriage of live animals as checked baggage at any time.


USA 3000 does not assume liability for live animals as checked baggage. Passengers ship animals at own risk.

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